Which Is Better? Working For An Escort Agency or Independent Escorting? | Orastacco escorts
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Which Is Better? Working For An Escort Agency or Independent Escorting?

Which Is Better? Working For An Escort Agency or Independent Escorting?

Just like how it is to everything in life, there are pros and cons to practising independent escorting and working with an escort agency. If you are planning on becoming an escort, you need to have all your information in place so you can make a proper decision which may affect your life for the worse or for, the better. You also need to know that it’s your life, your time and your decision. Even after you make a decision; it is not set in stone. Unless you’ve signed a contract with an agency, nothing is permanent. Here is an instance that is dictated by an actual escort who has been in the industry for a long time.

“When I decided to become an escort, there were no websites or anything, websites which give detailed explanations of what it is to be an escort and what not. I had to learn from experience and also with the trial and error method to know what’s right and what’s not. I started out as an independent escort, at first it was hard to meet clients, but later I found a few good ones. I still felt business was not as good as I would have hoped, so I took the decision to join an agency. I did put forth a couple of rules, which is indeed important. For example, I dictated that I would have the right to accept or reject a client depending on my comfort and that the agency could not force a client on me. Joining an agency has worked out so far, but if you go at it independently, no one can set your work timings or the number of clients you take in a day. It is all on you.”

I have written down some pros and cons of being an independent escort and also being affiliated with an escort agency.

Here are the pros and cons of joining an escort agency:


  1. They take care of all the advertising.
  2. They do background checks on the clients and vet them. A screening process is involved.
  3. You are entering a business that is already established, and you don’t have to worry about being an entrepreneur.
  4. They take care of your security.
  5. If you own screening and security.
  6. You have to take care of how you’re advertised.
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