The hardness of water is a reality which we face in our daily lives. Even if you are using the city’s water, it will not be 100% free of dissolved minerals which are responsible for hardness. You must have heard that one way of getting rid of hard water is to use a water softener system. So, you are tired of the side effects of hard water and you have decided to get rid of it once and for all by investing in a water softener system. How do you determine the right water softener system you need to buy? Continue reading to find an answer to this question.

1. Determine the amount of water that your family needs

Now, you have gone to the market and you are overwhelmed by the different sizes of water softener systems. Don’t worry about that. It is simple. The size you need depends majorly on your family size and bathroom measurements that you have. For instance, a small family of 3 persons or less will require approximately 30,000-grain water softener. Another family which is slightly larger than this, let’s say that which has 4-6 persons, about 40,000 to 60,000 will prove just right.

2. Level of water hardness

Test the level of water hardness that you have to deal with. Different water softener systems have different capabilities and this brings all the differences that might be confusing. You can find out this using water testing kit or call your city water supplier to find out. If the level of water hardness is high, then you will need a high-capacity water softener which will handle this without frequent regenerations.

3. Type of water softeners

Water softeners are classified into two: salt-based water softener and salt-free water softener. So, you got to decide between the two. From the above step, you now know the level of water hardness you are dealing with here. A salt-based water softener is the best in doing the job. However, if salt worries you, then you can buy the salt-free one.

4. The amount of salt and frequency of topping it up

This depends largely on the type of water softener and the technology used in its design. It also depends on the amount of water your family uses and how often your water softener regenerates. Logically, a large family that uses more gallons of water require more salt than a small family that spends a few gallons a day. You may not want to be adding up salt every other day. Therefore, you need a high-capacity water softener system that lets you do this maybe once a month.

5. What do you have on the budget?

Sometimes it pays to take a look at what you have on the budget before you go for the high specs which come at a price. What you have set aside for the domestic water softener system will determine what you carry home when you to the market. We all expect high-end water softeners to cost more than those which you can get cheaply.

6. The Ease of Installation

Do you have an expert who will help you set up your new system? Many of us don’t. If this is the case, then you would rather prefer something that will not cause you unnecessary headaches installing or even add an extra installation cost to your already strained budget.